An ultra-modern, full length walk-in bath with seat lift.

The Bereno is an integrated bathing system with an easy-access door and built-in powered seat. It is designed for use in residential care and assisted living situations for bathers who have some level of mobility and want to maintain their independence.

Exceptionally versatile, its integrated powered seat assists the entry and exit process by gently raising and lowering the bather. The seat on the Bereno can also be raised to form an elevated seating platform, should the bather wish to be showered instead of having a bath. If required, the seat can also be removed so that the Bereno can be used as a conventional bath.

  • High quality sound system works wirelessly via Bluetooth® and is compatible with audio systems such as smart phones or tablets.
  • Labour-saving, temperature controlled autofill system automatically fills the bath to a pre-set depth. Includes tamperproof functionality to prevent misuse.
  • Hydrotherapy air spa system – delivers a gentle, therapeutic massage to bathers.
  • Multi-coloured LED lighting visually enhances the bathing experience.
  • Lightweight, ergonomic hand operated shower unit.
  • A range of panel options are available for fixed height baths. Choose between hoist access or full panels offering the best solution for the application.


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Key Features

  • Powered seat assists entry and exit for bathers with limited mobility
  • Featuring integrated BioCote anti-microbial technology as standard
  • Soft-touch, seat height controls easily accessed at bath height
  • Watertight, easy-access door with simple locking mechanism
  • Fully contoured soft seat option
  • Removable seat enables system to be used like a conventional bath
  • Left and right configurations for added flexibility
  • 1500mm and 1700mm bath length options
  • Door panel as standard
  • 165kg safe lifting weight


For bathers with more diverse needs, the Bereno comes with a range of options, including:

  • Auto-fill technology – temperature-controlled auto-fill system automatically fills the bath to a pre-set depth
  • Hydrotherapy air-spa system – delivers a gentle, therapeutic massage to bathers
  • Sound system – Bluetooth® compatible audio system for added bathing ambience and stimulation
  • Chromotherapy system – multi-coloured LED lighting visually enhances the bathing experience
  • Thermostatic water controls maintain a safe, comfortable pre-set water temperature
  • Stainless steel shower system
  • Slip resistant soft seat


Technical Specifications


Bereno fixed height, easy-access bath