Bure XL Electric

Bure XL Electric

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The Bure XL Electric StandTall Walker was designed for the bigger, heavier patient, and therefore provides extra space and strength. Because extra powerful aids are required in the care and nursing of heavier patients, Bure XL is always supplied with electric drives.


Bure XL Electric

The Bure XL Electric StandTall Walker is designed for the bariatric patient and therefore provides extra space and strength.
It’s ideal for the user who needs a StandTall Walker equipped with power rise and which is capable of height adjustment once the patient is standing.

Bure XL Electric StandTall Walker

Improved general condition
Apart from being an excellent aid for getting patients up and about, the StandTall Walker is also a valuable rehabilitation tool. Rehabilitation keeps the patient’s muscles and contributes to improving the general condition.

Improved work ergonomics
The Bure StandTall Walker creates opportunities for much better work ergonomics for carers, trainers and anyone working with patients. For example, the open design provides increased manoeuvring space and makes access easier

Enhanced stability
Bure has anatomically designed cushions at a slight incline that help shoulders and arms to relax. The StandTall Walker’s design helps to shift the focus from muscles in the hands, arms and shoulders to larger muscle groups such as leg and chest.


Width 88 cm
Max user weight  240 kg
Length  78 cm
Height 91–131 cm
Armrest / Internal dimension   44–62 cm