Florien Elite

Florien Elite

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With both tilt-in-space and back angle recline functionality the Florien Elite also has a choice of two backrests, Waterfall or Contoured to meet the needs of different care settings.

The unique dynamic upholstered arms float across the seat to achieve the appropriate seat width for each user. Moreover these arms have the ability to swivel backwards to effect a side transfer or easier hoist access.

With a host of options and accessories to choose, the Florien Elite is a most versatile seating solution.


  • Features
  • Technical Specifications
  • Accessories


  • Available with the clinically proven Intelligent Air integral cushion
  • Manual gas-spring assisted tilt-in-space
  • Manual gas-spring assisted back angle recline with positional lock
  • Mechlock elevating legrest (standard) or optional articulating legrest
  • Non-removable, swivel-back armrests
  • Multi-positioning integral headrest
  • Adjustable seat width
  • Adjustable seat length
  • Modular replacement of components

Technical Specifications

SWL 160kg/25 stone
Integral seat options CME foam; Dyna-Flex; Intelligent Air
Seat widtd 400mm-500mm in 12mm increments
Seat height (specified at time of manufacture) 550mm; 575mm; 600mm
Seat lengtd 430mm-530mm
Tilt-in-space 40° tilt range (30° backwards, 10° forward)
Back angle recline 30° recline, 3° forward
Elevating legrest 10° retraction, 70° elevation
Articulated legrest 10° retraction, 75° elevation
Back height 800mm
Arm height (from seat) 220mm
Overall lengtd 930mm
Overall widtd 668mm
Overall height 1300mm
Weight of chair 56kg/9 stone


  • Lateral Supports
  • Arcing / articulating legrest
  • Height adjustable, “Flip up” Footrest (90° foot positioning) or height adjustable articulating Footrest (Plantar flexion achievable)
  • Cushioned or Universal Headrest
  • Lap-Belt with D-Ring Straps
  • Pelvic Positioners with D-Ring Straps
  • Universal Tray