TR 2000 Shower Trolley

TR 2000 Shower Trolley

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The TR2000 makes both showering and transfers easier for attendants.

Approved by NHS – NPC No TLC543 (TR2000)

The TR2000 hydraulic operated shower trolley is unique with its side mounted column, allowing the trolley stretcher to overlap the bed further for a safe and easy resident transfer. The model is available in 3 different lengths.

The trolley assists and functions already at the bed side allowing the attendant to have easy access to the trolley controls including height adjustment, stretcher tilt, castor brakes and straight steering. The trolley stretcher has drains at both ends allowing the person to be positioned in either direction. There is no head or foot end specified.


TR2000 Shower Trolley

The TR2000 Shower Trolley meets all hygiene and safety related needs working with assisted showering.
They are comfortable hydraulic height adjustable shower trolleys that ensures efficient and safe patient handling. Available in three different lengths; standard, paediatric and long. The shower trolley can be used for many different purposes such as showering, dressing and nursing.

The TR2000 is a hydraulic operated shower trolley and is unique with its side mounted column, allowing the trolley stretcher to overlap the bed surface further for a safe and easy person transfer. There is never a gap between the bed and shower trolley stretcher. The trolley side rails are secured before transferring away from the bed and can be folded inwards when passing through narrow doorways.

The TR2000 Shower Trolley is foot operated to give the attendant both hands free to tend the person. It can also be tilted to a “Trendelenburg” position.
It has a Working Load Limit of 150 kilos/330lb .

The trolley is ready to use immediately after unpacking and come with battery charger, mattress, pillow and flexi-drain hose.


  • Height-adjustable for caregiver’s ergonomic use and is specifically designed and manufactured for safe in-patient hospital use
  • Hands free foot operated height adjustment for an ergonomic attendant work environment
  • Low chassis for easy and convenient access to various bed frame heights
  • Side mounted column design to allow the shower trolley stretcher to overlap the bed for a safe and easy patient transfer
  • Tilt control located at both ends of the shower trolley for fast ‘Trendelenburg’ position and easy drainage
  • Foldable side rails for efficient and safe patient transfer and transport. Side rail on bed side of the shower trolley folds to horizontal position. Side rail on attendant side folds all the way down for easier access to the patient
  • Foot operated control pedal out of reach for the resident for raising and lowering the shower trolley to assure hands free operation for caregiver
  • Shower Trolley available in three different stretcher lengths (1600, 1900, 2100 mm) to suit different residents and care environments
  • The TR shower trolley design and choice of durable high quality components, guarantees a low cost of ownership
  • Shower Trolleys can be used for residents with diverse needs in all types of care environments for showering and other convenient purposes such as changing and treatments
  • The shower trolley is equipped with two brake castors (100 mm) and two straight steering castors (75 mm) for easy patient transport
  • The shower trolley can be delivered with higher chassis to ease sling lift transfers on to the stretcher
  • The Paediatric shower trolley with a stretcher (1600 mm) is suitable for children and shorter residents
  • Wedge pillow available in a 15 or a 30-degree angle can be used to incline the residents back for comfort and safety
  • Unique dual drainage mattress can be easily removed for cleaning and is flame retardant
  • Standard pillow 500 x 300 x 95 mm included with the shower trolley, and backrest pillows in 15 and 30 degree angels are available as accessories
  • The Shower Trolleys come with a grey mattress and pillow as standard, but are also available in blue or yellow