TR9650 Mobile Bath Lift System

Mobile Patient Bath Lifts

Approved by NHS – NPC Nos TLC526 (Combi Lift) & TLC542 (Chair Lift)

Mobile Patient Bath Lifts with battery operated height adjustment available in different models.

Available in combi, chair and stretcher models all suitable for transfer, transport and bathing for many type of residents in many different care environments.


TR9650 Mobile Bath Lift System

The TR9650 Mobile Bath Lift System designed to easily convert into different configurations to accommodate a wide variety of needs for patients and residents in both the acute and long term care environments.
Whether standing, seated or recumbent, the TR9650 provides a dignified complete solution for residents needing aid getting in and out of bathtubs.
Easy access and comfortable padded seating surfaces ensure a pleasant transfer and bathing experience.

Ergonomically designed hand grips and safety belts are incorporated into the TR9650 to provide the security and assurance for both the attendant and the resident being bathed. By easily being convertible between a chair bath lift and a stretcher configuration, a greater resident or patient population can easily be addressed by the staff providing the bathing.

Available as TR9650 Mobile Combi, TR9650 Mobile Bath Chair and TR9650 Mobile Stretcher models. All are suitable for the transfer, transport and bathing of many type of residents in many different care environments.


  • Together with the TR bathtubs the TR9650 Mobile Bath Lift System completes a system that offers a safe, labour efficient and person oriented bathing cycle with increased care quality
  • Safe and efficient handling and operation for transfer, transport and bathing
  • Convenient and safe height adjustment thanks to battery operated belt drive device
  • Available as dedicated chair and stretcher version depending on the care needs
  • The unique design makes it possible to have both chair and stretcher option in one combined unit to meet all care needs. Conversion between the two options is easy and no tools are required
  • Attachable side parts including head pillow for easy conversion from chair to stretcher with no tools required
  • The design, durable materials, high quality components and manufacturing procedures equals long lifetime
  • For safety the chair and stretcher stops when lowering if there is an obstacle. There is also an autostop that prevent chair/stretcher from dropping if drive belt fails
  • Seating and reclining surfaces made of soft, durable material that is non water absorbent which makes it easy to clean and maintain and comfortable to sit and recline on
  • Low chassis for easy access under beds and baths and narrow chassis design to be seated easy and safe on to the chair
  • Commode seat on chair which can easily be covered with included lid
  • Comfortable backrest for chair that can easily be moved to either arm for back support
  • Magnetic battery charger connection for easy connection and minimised risk of damages
  • Four twin castors, two with locking and two with straight steering, for safety, stability and easy movement
  • Operated by two long life high capacity batteries


Operating height range: 200 – 950 mm / 8 – 38 inches

TR 9650 chair lift compatible with TR 1700
TR 9650 Mobile Bath Lift System - Attachable Side Parts
TR 9650 Mobile Bath Lift System - Backrest
TR 9650 Mobile Bath Lift System - Bathing
TR 9650 Mobile Bath Chair
TR9650 Mobile Bath Lift System - Chassis
TR9650 Mobile Bath Lift System - Combi Lift
TR9650 Mobile Bath Lift System - Commode seat
TR9650 Mobile Bath Lift System - Magnetic charger connection