Back On Track Confirmation

Please ensure you have checked the above details and contact us should any amendments be required.

To ensure that learning outcomes are met and delegates are fully aware of what is required on our courses, please read carefully the following entry requirements:

Be ready and on time

It’s essential that both delegates and the trainers arrive on time and are ready for the start time on all training days.

Wear suitable clothing & footwear

It’s essential that delegates wear suitable clothing and footwear for the practical session. Comfortable clothing for safety and ease of movement is required, so no high heels, flip flops, etc.

Take part in the practical session

It’s essential that delegates take part and are involved in the practical sessions where physical demonstrations involving moving fellow delegates will take place to cover the various manoeuvring equipment, etc. As in all care work this will involve appropriate use of touch.

Alert the trainer to any problems or concerns

Delegates have a responsibility to ensure they are fit and able to participate in training. They must alert the trainer to any concerns or problems as and when they arise. Delegates have a responsibility to inform the trainer if they have not fully understood the information presented to them. A short quiz at the end of training will help to ensure that delegates feel they have reached a suitable level of competency and will help them to identify any further training needs.

We would like to thank you for choosing Back on Track Training Solutions. Our terms and conditions can be found here: Back On Track Terms and Conditions