Charities & Grants

List of Charities and funds which may be available to assist you
Please note this list is not exhaustive.
Name Of CharityContact NumberEmailCriteria
The ACT Foundation01753 aim of enhancing the quality of life for people in need, (specifically the mentally and physically disabled).
Age distress0870 803 65 or older, low income minimal savingswritten support from care professionals required
Association of Her Majesty’s Inspectors of Taxes’ Benevolent Fund020 7147 2807Current and former tax inspectors and other senior officers in the Inland Revenue who are members of the association, and their dependants, who are ill or in other necessitous circumstances.
Bank Workers Charity0800 0234 834Provides practical and financial support to individuals and their families who work or have worked in the banking industry
The Barchester Healthcare Foundation0800 328 older people and other adults with a disability2013 focus is helping older people (65+) in our community, to improve mobility, independence and quality of life
BEN – the automotive industry charity01344 876 people who have worked in the automotive industryLess than £4000 in savings. Max £500 grant
British Fire Services Association01526 830255CrouDerri@aol.comFor people holding or having held membership of the BFSALocal authority, MoD, Private or Occupational Fire Service are eligible.
British Kidney Patient Association01420 541424Application to be completed with member of Kidney Care Team.
Builders Benevolent Institution01622 who are or who have been master builders (employers in the building industry) and their dependants may be eligible for a grant
Care Professionals Benevolent Fund0845 601 who have limited savings.Have worked in the care profession. Min grant £250 Max £5,000
Cavell Nurses Trust0808 1234 999admin@cavellnursestrust.orgSavings less than £4000For Nurses/Midwives Min 3 years experience post qualification or auxiliary Nurse with 5 years experience. Application supported by Health Professional
The Charity for Civil Servants0208 240 all current, former and retired civil servants, all employees of our Associated Organisations, and their financial dependants
Chartered Accountants Benevolent Association01788 556 current and former ICAEW chartered accountants and their families.Financial support is only available when you have been employed by ICAEW for five consecutive years or more
The Cinema & Television Benevolent Fund0207 437 people who are or have been employed in the industry for at least 2 years
Cystic Fibrosis Trust0300 373 supported by health professional or member of CF Team
Dystonia society020 7793 Welfare Grant scheme for those with a diagnosis of dystonia in financial hardship which may be able to help in these situations.
Earl of Southampton Trust01329 must be supported by a recognised agency (eg Social Services, Health Visitor etc) and are usually means tested
The Eaton Fund01273 letter from health professionalFor Artists, potters, sculptors, painters – not performing artists. Also for Nurses, medical carers inc retired experiencing hardship or disability. Also helps Gentlewomen – women over 18 years, experiencing hardship
Family ActionSuspended until September 2013
Florence Nightingale Aid in Sickness Trust020 7605 application should be made on behalf of the client by someone with a medical backgroundFor people of all ages who are sick, in poor health or disabled and require medical items and services to improve their quality of life
Friends of the Elderly020 7730 by local community organisation. For people aged over 60 with less than £3000 savings.
Hair and beauty benevolent01494 2 Months bank statements requiredLetter from GP Required
Heinz, Anna and Carol Kroch Foundation020 8977 5534hakf50@hotmail.comThose who are suffering severe poverty and financial hardship and who also have ongoing medical problems.
Hospitality industry action0203 004 people who have worked within the direct provision of food drink or accomodation in the UK
Huntingtons Disease Association0151 331 must be completed by Professional
Independence at home0208 427 from health/social care professional. Will contirbute towards final £2000
The Jennifer Trust for Spinal Muscular Atrophy0800 975
Jospeh Patrick trust (Muscular Dystrophy Campaign)0207 803 4811jptgrants@muscular-dystrophy.orgPartial Funding (up to £300 for a riser chair). Requires assessment by qualified professional on headed paper.
The Junius S Morgan Benevolent Fund020 7597 Grant £1500Provides financial or other relief for needy practising and former members of the nursing profession. Application supported by Health professional
League of the helping hand01444 £250. Not for wheelchairs or scooters
Macmillan0808 808 0000For people of any age diagnosed with cancerMeans tested. Average grant £250. Apply via health/social care professional
 Margaret’s Fundsupport@margaretsfund.orgGrants for women in financial need and in ill health. Application must be made via a ‘Caring Professional’ (log in required)
The Matthew Trust020 7736 5976amt@matthewtrust.orgFor people with mental health issuesMade via health/social care professional
Miss Doreen Stanford Charitable Trust0208 650 3368Applications are discussed anually (March)£500-£1500 one off and recurrent grants for deaf, blind and other disabled people
MND Association01604 611802equiploanandfinsupp@mndassociation.orgApplication can be made by professional, person with MND or carer where a need has been identified.
MS Society0208 438 than £16,000 savings. May pay contribution if savings over £8,000. Supporting Letter from Healthcare professional required.
The Natioanl Benevolent Charity01666 have exhausted other funding routes inc. Charities. Less than £10,000 savings
Pargeter and Wand Trust0121 459 7670Women who have never been married and are 55 years of age or over and live in their own homes The Trust requires applications to be made via Age Concern.
Parkinsons UK (Mali Jenkins Fund)0207 9318 than £10,000 savings. Upto £1,500
Professionals Aid Council020 7935 For people  with a strong educational backgroundLess than £10,000 savings
Railway Benefit fund01270 people who work or have worked in the rail industry inc British  Transport Police and their families.
Rainy Day trust (DIY Industry)0121 past and present employees of the home improvement and enhancement supply industry.
The Sawyer TrustUnable to do business by telephoneinfo@sawyertrust.orgTypically grants do not exceed £500.Aim to relieve women over the age of 50 who are in need, by virtue of financial hardship, sickness or poor health.
SSAFA0845  241 7141Royal Navy, British Army or Royal Air Force. Regulars and reserves. Including family
The Security Benevolent Fund01787 282777clerk@wcosp.orgFor members of the security profession
The Talisman Charitable TrustThe Talisman Charitable Trust, Basement Office, 354 Kennington Road, London SE11 4LDThe relief of poverty includes grants for health, housing, disablement or disability Application should be supported by a local authority, another charitable organisation or an organisation such as the Citizens’ Advice Bureau
The True Colours Trust0207 410 young people between the ages of 18 to 26 who have a disability and/or complex health care need.Must be referred by a medical professional, social care worker, key worker or family support worker