Action 3NG Manual Wheelchair (Transit & Self-Propel)

Action 3NG Manual Wheelchair (Transit & Self-Propel)

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The market-leading Action 3NG is easy to set-up and offers an extensive range of cross-compatible options and accessories to help meet a vast range of different requirements. Perfectly suited for those who require a more basic wheelchair to those who have progressive and more complex needs. It’s smooth ability to transform between configurations makes re-use and refurbishment simple.

  • Lightest wheelchair in its field
  • Increased stability for a smoother ride
  • Improved design for greater support


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Features & Options

Light and transportable
Already the lightest wheelchair in its field, the Action3NG can be made lighter again by using the optional lightweight castor housing and lightweight wheels, potentially reducing the overall weight by 1.2 kg. Complementing the low transfer weight, the chair also has a foldable backrest, allowing it to be easily folded and dismantled, making it transportable in even the smallest of cars.
Comfort and functionality
The special cross bar folding mechanism, improves stability and makes folding and unfolding even easier. Together with a new release lever – to increase the ease of flipping up the armrests – the Action3NG is a great choice for all-round maximum comfort.
Adaptable and modular
Cross-compatible features across the Action Family of chairs and accessories mean that each chair is adaptable and modular. Therefore, the Action3NG is well equipped to accommodate changes in individual needs over time, simple to refurbish and has access to a wide range of customisation options.
Tailored to fit
A new, increased colour range and an improved backrest cover design bring even more opportunities for individuals to tailor the chair to fit. The new backrest cover overlaps the back canes for added comfort and the backrest now includes a removable lumbar support to give greater support where required.
With a basic weight from 14.2 kg and a transportation weight of 7.5 kg (without legrests, armrests or rear wheels) the Action3NG addresses key needs for handling, storage and transportation. In addition, with the new lightweight options, the basic weight can be further reduced to a low 13 kg.
Brake lever
The Action3NG brake lever is simply folded to allow for easier side transfers.
Length compensating elevating legrest
The elevating legrest offers optimal length compensation with the elevation stepped in 3° / 5° increments (approx.).
Skirt guard
The open zone skirt guard helps easier transfers in and out of the chair.
Flip-back armrest
A redesigned release lever and receiver ensures a smooth ‘flip-back’ process.
Angle adjustable backrest
The patented, stepless, angle adjustable backrest design has been incorporated from the Action®5which allows for adjustments to be made whilst the individual is sat in the chair.
Amputee suppor
Height, angle and depth-adjustable, the amputee support is also swingaway.
20 rear wheel positions
Driving performance is enhanced with a choice of 20 rear wheel positions as standard.
Reclining backrest
A gas spring backrest allows carers to easily adjust the individual’s back position in one continuous movement and with raised assistance.
Bi-material cover
The newly designed backrest cover has been shaped to cover the back canes, providing additional comfort to the individual. The lumbar supporting strap is now more accessible and can be placed where required.
Transit chair
The Transit version offers seat heights of 460, 485 and 510 mm with 12″ plastic rear wheels.
Tie-down hook
A brightly coloured hook allows simple and secure fixation in a vehicle.
Front castor
Front castors available in 5″, 6” and 8” pneumatic or solid tyre, with various options of tyre width also available.
A neckrest, headrest or cheek support are all available, depending on individual’s needs. These elements can all be adjusted on the backbrace, changing the height or depth to ensure the most optimum position.
Backrest types
On top of the fixed backrest (0° or 7°), Action3NG offers 4 different types of backrests to suit individual needs:

  • folding
  • angle adjustable (-15°/+15°)
  • ratchet reclining (0°/30°)
  • gas spring reclining (0°/30°)

Dual handrim propulsion
Specifically for hemiplegic use and ease of propulsion, this handrim with QR mechanism makes the chair easily foldable.
Cushion options
Choose from a range of Invacare cushions offering basic comfort, through to HR Foam with Gel Packs for higher risk.
Armrest assortment options

  • Swing away detachable
  • swing away detachable height-adjustable
  • removable and height-adjustable RIO
  • removable height-adjustable
  • hemi

Anti-tip device
Provides extra safety and comes either fixed (top) or removable (bottom) versions.
Transparent tray
Useful for mealtimes and leisure activities such as reading.
Matrx® backrest
Matrx Elite and Elite Deep can be added as an option to provide greater comfort.
Buckle belt
This optional BodyPoint®belt brings increased safety whilst seated as well as increased comfort and postural support.

Technical Data

Technical data

Frame Colour

Hypnotic PurpleMatt BlackBlue PopMatt Red
Hypnotic PurpleMatt BlackBlue PopMatt Red
Pearl WhiteSlate GreyElectric GreenAnthracite Black
Pearl WhiteSlate GreyElectric GreenAnthracite Black


Black Nylon
Black Nylon