Community Static Mattress

Community Static Mattress

Price available upon request.

The Community Static Mattress is a cost effective, comfort mattress for use on profiling beds.


The Community static mattress has been built with a high resilience, fire retardant foam. This foam allows for better pressure distribution making it very comfortable for the user.

It is suitable for patients at a medium risk of developing a pressure ulcer.

Some features include:

  • ‘V’ Cuts to assist profiling
  • High resilience, fire retardant foam base
  • Maximum patient weight – 25 Stone (159kg)

The mattress is complete with a two-way stretch, vapour permeable, water resistant PU cover. Shaping enables profiling of the mattress and the ability to turn the mattress extends its life.

Pressure Relief Risk Level: Medium
HSMCOM2000mm x 900mm x 125mm25 Stone / 159kg
HSMCOM.122000mm x 1200mm x 125mm25 Stone / 159kg
(Vandal Proof)
2000mm x 900mm x 125mm
2000mm x 1200mm x 125mm
25 Stone / 159kg

Additional sizes and vandal proof mattresses are also available.