Dahlia 30 & 45 (Transit & Self-Propel)

Dahlia 30 & 45 (Transit & Self-Propel)

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The Dahlia 30 has a compact frame which makes it easy to go through narrow spaces like doorways. This chair is suitable for people who can readily propel themselves as the rear-wheels are close. The optional self-tilt function enables a change in posture, increasing independence.

  • 30° tilt with weight shifting
  • 30° low shear backrest recline
  • Adjustable centre of gravity of 90 mm
  • Flex 3 seating system

The Dahlia 45 is suitable for people who need total pressure relief and it can be accomplished through its tilt function alone. This is achieved through its unique 45° tilt mechanism which is light to adjust thanks to its counter force design. The Dahlia 45 is also easy to operate, manoeuvre and turn, with a compact base making it easy to get through narrow spaces.

  • Height adjustable ergonomic push handles
  • Can be easily height adjusted to suit the carers needs
  • Contoured cushioning
  • Provides posture and seating support combined with comfort for the person


  • Features & Options
  • Technical Data
  • Frame Colour & Upholstery

Features & Options

A versatile compact chair for people with changing needs
The Dahlia has it all, a slim and compact wheelbase in a modern design. It incorporates an adjustable centre of gravity option and a light and easy tilt and recline function. For those seeking mobility with comfort and pressure relief, this versatile chair is perfect for both passive and active clients alike.The Dahlia features two tilt angles of either 30° or 45°, which improves the positioning capabilities as the tilt and recline options reduce pressure. Component Cross-Compatibility (CCC) across the Rea product range includes the Flex3 seating.

Weight shifting with ease
The 45° option provides greater tilt possibilities, delivering excellent pressure relieving properties. The unique construction of the tilt mechanism makes it light to adjust, requiring little muscle force.
An ideal chair for foot propelling
The 30° tilt option is suitable for more able clients who can readily propel themselves. The seat height can be set as low as 325mm, allowing the possibility to foot propel. There is also a self tilt option which allows an individual the ability to change their posture to suit themselves.
Benefits for both Dahlia 30° and 45°:

  • Easy to manoeuvre – self propel rear wheels, easily accessible
  • Small overall width – narrow footprint
  • Centre of gravity adjustment allows better weight distribution, allowing lighter pushing and easy turning capabilities
  • Stable – DSS, Dual Stability system maintains chair stability in every tilt position
  • Light and smooth tilt and recline action
  • Component Cross-Compatibility from the Invacare® family

More Benefits:

  • Dahlia 30° can be foot propelled with seat heights as low as 325mm.
  • Dahlia 30° with self tilt for the more able person to actively change posture.
  • Dahlia 45° for optimum pressure relief and weight distribution.
  • The Dual Stability System, DSS helps to avoid friction and shear when reclining.
  • On the 30° version of the Dahlia, in the first 10° of tilt the front seat height is only raised a small amount, this allows the feet to remain close to the floor.
  • Moulded seats, or individually tailored seating is possible.
  • The Matrx® is available as an option. It provides a stable and firm support to the body. The Matrx® Elite Deep has a built-in lateral support and the Matrx® Elite has a mild contour, which allows a greater range of movement.
  • For a wider backrest on a smaller seat frame, backrest joint width extensions are an option offering an extra 50mm of width on the seat.
  • Seat plate extensions offer individual support where needed.
  • Adjustable seating independent of depth and width.
  • Dahlia has an optional tension adjustable backrest.
  • The overall width of the Dahlia is comparable to an active chair. This makes it easy to manoeuvre in confined spaces and through narrow doorways.
  • Kerb lever is always mounted on the right of the chair.
  • The adjustable centre of gravity on the rear wheels allows weight distribution for easier and lighter pushing.
  • Anti tippers when not required can be flipped up. When in use they rest at a 5° outward angle. This allows the attendant to walk closer to the chair without colliding with the anti tipper.

Technical Data

Seat widthSeat depthSeat heightBackrest plate
390-450/440-500/490-550 mm
16″ (390-490/440-540/490-590 mm)m
430 – 500 mm30° : 330 – 500 mm
45° : 350 – 500 mm
500 – 800 mm
(without seat cushion)
Armrest heightleg-lengthLegrest angleBackrest Angle
250 – 320 mm330 – 500 mm30°: –1 – 30°
45°: 0 – 45°
0° – 30°
Chair widthChair heightChair depthWeight
SW + 160 mm (16”)
SW + 180 mm (24”)
30°: 825 – 1250 mm
45°: 850 – 1250 mm
900 – 1180 mm>35kg1
Load CapacityTransport weightTurning radiusCrash tested
Max 135 kgTransport weight
21/25 kg (SW 39 cm)
755 mmCrash-tested
ISO 7176-19
  1. Overall weight in seat width 390mm and with lightest configuration

Frame Colour



Black Dartex TR26Black Spacer TR36
Black Dartex TR26Black Spacer TR36