Head and Footboard Bumper

Head and Footboard Bumper

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The Head and Footboard bumper fits all Woburn and Community Beds. Providing extra protection for the user at the head and foot end of the bed.

All the bumpers come with covers that are removable and machine washable, for better infection control.


  • Specifications
  • Cleaning Instructions


Product CodeDescription
HBCWOBHead and Footboard Bumper for Woburn, Woburn Low, and Community Beds
HBCCOM1.12Head and Foot Bumper for Community 1200 Bed
HBCULTHead and Foot Bumper for Woburn Ultimate Beds

Cleaning Instructions

Lay the bumper cover down on a flat surface and unzip the pocket to gain access to the internal foam padding. Remove the foam padding. The bumper can now be laundered.
1 Pre wash cold 10 minutes
2 Main wash 80°C 10 minutes
3 Followed by cold rinses and extraction.
Do not use abrasive cleaners, phenol disinfectants, solvents, or alcohol-based cleansers, e.g. Dettol, Phenicol, Hibiscrub, Clearsol, Stericol, Hycoline, as these will damage the cover materials.
Tumble dry at low heat.
Do not iron.
Ensure that the cover is thoroughly dried before inserting the foam and placing the bumper into storage.