Q50R Folding Powerchair

Q50R Folding Powerchair

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Let your journey unfold with Q50R folding powerchair.

Fed up of clunky powerchairs that take up all the room? Say hello to the QUICKIE Q50R. The premium, space-saving folding powerchair that folds easily in seconds to the size of a suitcase – and has a battery range of 50km. Ideal for storing neatly away until you get the urge for adventure!


  • Features
  • Adjustable Seat Sling
  • Breathable Foam Cushion
  • Easy Transfers


Folds in seconds, drives for hours.

Need an alternative to a clunky scooter but don’t want to compromise on journey range and performance? Meet Q50R, the premium folding powerchair that stores away without the compromise on travel distance.
Store in the Smallest Spaces!
When folded, the Q50 R is so compact it can be easily stored away underneath the stairs, in the boot of a car, or hotel rooms when you’re on the go. Thanks to its rear anti-tips, it’s easily moveable when standing upwards too.
Simply Effortless Folding
There’s no troublesome mechanisms – just flip-up the clip at the back, fold the footplate and push the backrest downwards to fold the Q50 R straight to the floor. You don’t even need to remove the battery. How simple is that?
Ideal for Transport
Planning a road trip? At 37.5kg, the Q50 R is ideal for hoisting or for two people lifting in-and-out of your car whilst using less room than an average powerchair. You can even remove the battery to further reduce its weight down to just 32 kg.
Charge Even When Folded
Because you don’t need to remove the battery when folding your Q50 R, it can also be conveniently charged via the socket on the controller.
Outdoor features to get you from A to B
Places to go, people to see? The Q50R gives you more than just space-saving ingenuity, so when you want to leave the car at home, you can just un-fold and go.
50km Range
Thanks to our optimized motor efficiency, the Q50 R can deliver a whopping 50 km (31 miles) range* from its Lithium Ion battery, and that’s from a single charge too. * Range is calculated to ISO standard 7176 part 4 wheelchair energy consumption theoretical range.
Dual Suspension
The Q50 R always has a spring in its step thanks to the front rubber damper and rear shock absorbers. Providing responsive cushioning when driving over bumpy or uneven terrain, it’ll reduce the amount of shock and vibration that passes through the powerchair. So you can sit-back, relax and enjoy a smoother ride.
Greater Traction
Get to grips with greater traction thanks to the large 12” drive wheels. These wheels are designed for real outdoor performance, providing better grip on multiple surfaces. Rear mudguards also help to keep you clean from water or grit flicking up whilst driving.
Increased Rigidity
The Q50 R’s durable aluminium frame uses oval tubing (as opposed to round). Stronger and less likely to flex, it reduces movement in the frame whilst travelling over uneven ground to provide a more comfortable ride. It’s also covered by a 5 year warranty.
Uphill Stability
The Q50 R’s longer 1030 mm length provides a greater level of stability, so you can safely travel up gradients of up to 10 degrees. For additional safety, rear anti-tips are also supplied as standard.
50 mm Kerb Climbing
Supplied by Linix (one of the world’s leading motor manufacturers), the 200W high efficency motors provide all the power you need to overcome tricky terrain (including climbing obstacles of up to 50 mm). Highly optimised, they’ll also deliver the very-best range from your batteries too.
Compact for storage and riding indoors
Experience the best of both worlds with the range of a scooter but the manoevrability of a powerchair, allowing you to get closer to objects and travel through tight spaces like never before. Worried about clipping the sides of your Q50R around the home? Don’t be – its slim 600 mm base width can fit easily through narrow doorways and negotiate busy rooms.
Unlike a mobility scooter, the Q50R has a small 1220 mm turning circle, making it ideal for indoor environments. Effortlessly turn in narrow hallways, kitchens and other restricted spaces without the need for complicated manoeuvres.
Optimised for comfort
Wherever you go, whatever you do, it’ll always be in premium comfort thanks to the Q50R’s tension-adjustable seat.

Adjustable Seat Sling

Unlike a solid seat base that you’ll find on most folding powerchairs, the Q50 R’s seat (and back) have tension adjustable straps. These straps provide extra-give when negotiating bumpy terrain and can be fine-tuned to suit your shape. They also provide better airflow and ventilation as your body’s heat can pass completely through.

Breathable Foam Cushion

The foam cushion doesn’t just keep you comfortable, it also has a breathable cover that allows body heat to pass through, keeping you cool and dry on those longer trips.

Easy Transfers

Easily side transfer in-and-out of your Q50 R by flipping the armrests upwards. The controller also swings outwards, so you can get closer to tables too. Prefer to transfer standing? The centre-mount footrest conveniently flips-upwards, giving you all the space you need.