Specialist Anti-Entrapment Bumper with Net/Mesh Inserts

Specialist Anti-Entrapment Bumper with Net/Mesh Inserts

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The Specialist Anti-Entrapment Bumper, used in combination with a Woburn Community bed, meets standard EN 60601-2-52 and bed standard BS EN 50637:2017 when in a long term or domestic environment. These are the stated requirements needed for a bed to be certified as able to be used by either a child or an adult.

The Specialist Anti-Entrapment Bumper has been designed to fit onto a Woburn Community bed.

Adults of small stature or juniors are at increased risk of entrapment in a standard adult bed. This innovative solution quickly transforms a Community Woburn bed, making it suitable for smaller occupants, and meets junior bed regulations when paired with a locking handset box.

The Specialist Anti-Entrapment system must not be used by a person smaller than 125cm.

All the bumpers come with covers that are removable and machine washable, for better infection control.


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As well as fully enclosing the patient through high-visibility black mesh, the bumper and bed combination:

  • Prevents access to any finger trap zones by the specified 200mm distance or more
  • Can be used safely in combination with any Harvest Healthcare mattress when using the mattress holders on the bed frame to centralise the mattress
  • Has no accessible holes between 7mm-25mm diameter
  • Has no accessible hazardous sharp edges, corners or protruding parts
  • Passes stability, loading, snagging, entrapment, movement, impact and reliability tests to standard criteria
  • Has a lockable storage compartment (purchased separately) for the profiling bed handset to prevent access by children orvulnerable adults
  • Minimum patient height: 125cm
  • Do not use with a lifting pole

Cleaning Instructions

Lay the bumper cover down on a flat surface and unzip the pocket to gain access to the internal foam padding. Remove the foam padding. The bumper can now be laundered.
1 Pre wash cold 10 minutes
2 Main wash 80°C 10 minutes
3 Followed by cold rinses and extraction.
Do not use abrasive cleaners, phenol disinfectants, solvents, or alcohol-based cleansers, e.g. Dettol, Phenicol, Hibiscrub, Clearsol, Stericol, Hycoline, as these will damage the cover materials.
Tumble dry at low heat.
Do not iron.
Ensure that the cover is thoroughly dried before inserting the foam and placing the bumper into storage.