Wheelchair Foot Rest Cushions (pair) – M102

Wheelchair Foot Rest Cushions (pair) – M102

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  • A pair of 6-chamber microbead wheelchair foot rest pillows.
  • Microbeads contour delicate, sensitive or painful feet.
  • Chambers equally distribute weight for comfort and support.
  • Lightweight and soft.
  • Length 27 cm (10.5″), Width 22 cm (8.5″), Depth 3 cm (1″).
  • Elasticated straps keep them in place.
  • Prevent restrictive blood flow.
  • Help avoid pressure sores.
  • Hypoallergenic.
  • Breathable which reduces overheating.
  • Hygienic, can be machine washed and tumbled dried.
  • Compatible with most wheel chairs.
  • Velour fabric: 79% cotton, 18% polyester, 3% Spandex (82% nylon, 18% Spandex).
  • Compatible with Wheelchair Seat Cushion (M058), Wheelchair Back Cushion (M059) and Wheelchair Arm Support Cushions (M060).


Supportive Design

The small microbeads are lightweight, so they shift and redistribute, giving the ideal support, while the six chambers evenly distribute weight for maximum comfort. They also help prevent restricted blood flow that comes from the skin being squashed between bone and a hard surface. A huge benefit for those sitting for long periods of time.

What’s more, they reduce friction, particularly important for those prone to pressure sores.


Compared to memory foam, microbeads don’t absorb moisture, sweat or fluid, so they inhibit the growth of dust mites, bacteria and fungus. A plus for allergy sufferers.


They don’t hold the body’s heat which can lead to discomfort. Instead the beads allow for an even airflow throughout the whole pillow, resulting in a much cooler, more pleasurable experience.


Made with small polystyrene beads, these foot support pillows won’t compact, wear out or lose their shape and can withstand being machine washed and tumbled dried for cleanliness and hygiene.

They also have elastic straps, so they can be attached securely and easily removed.

With so many qualities and benefits, we hope that these positioning and pressure care Wheelchair Foot Rest Cushions give the user all the support and comfort they need.