Multi C-air Express Chair

Multi C-air Express Chair

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The Multi C-air Express

The success of the Multi C-air lies in its complete adaptability. This rise recliner puts the healthcare team, in the home or the ward, in ultimate control, providing a full range of options to tailor the chair precisely for each, individual’s comfort and care.

With a choice of Dual or Single Tilt in Space motors the Multi C-air is suitable for clients with changing and deteriorating neurological conditions and those who require assisted movement to reduce the problems of skin breakdown. It also comes with a choice of nine seat cushions and six back cushion styles all removable, interchangeable, replaceable and each designed with different postural and pressure management qualities. With the ability to remove and interchange seat and back cushion designs the chair can be easily adapted over time for changing conditions or new users, giving greater longevity of usage.

There is optional seat height and depth adjustment.


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Back Cushions

There is a choice of six interchangeable pressure management back cushions that enable the chair to be adapted to a single user’s changing needs or to adapt the chair to another user. This ensures greater longevity of its usage.

In addition, all cushions can be repositioned to suit a user’s individual seating preferences and fibres added or removed from fibre filled cushions to adjust firmness. Covers can also be removed for cleaning and replacement.


Individual fibre filled waterfall cushions, each of which are fully adjustable to accommodate maximum postural support. The waterfall back can be useful for those with mild Kyphosis, Scoliosis and reduced muscle mass on their back.

Profile Waterfall

The profile headrest conforms to the head and shoulders which can be useful for individuals with limited neck control with the waterfall back providing soft adjustable lumbar support.

Waterfall Lateral

The central cushion in this soft fibre filled waterfall back comes with in-built lateral supports which can provide some trunk support for those who have limited trunk control or balance, useful for those with early stages of neurological conditions such as MS or a Stroke survivor with limited residual impairments.

Boston Porter Chair

Comfort Lateral

Soft fibre filled back with lateral support, which can be useful for those who have limited trunk control or balance. It can be useful for those with early stages of neurological conditions such as MS or a Stroke survivor.

Boston Porter Chair

Profile Comfort Lateral

This back offers soft fibre filled cushions to provide head, shoulder and trunk support, which can be useful for older users who have lost some muscle control, supporting them in a good postural position with the head in a neutral position. This back can also be useful for early stages of neurological conditions to maintain good positioning without restricting activities.

Support Lateral

A foam filled back providing firmer lateral support with a soft fibre filled headrest. The firm lateral support maintains midline trunk alignment which can be useful for those post Stroke or early to mid-stages of neurological conditions.

Boston Porter Chair
There is a choice of five pressure management seat cushions each with different features.
The cushion you choose can be removed and interchanged with one of the other seat cushion options. You can purchase one or more cushions to support the different needs of individuals who may use this chair. Cushions and covers are removable for cleaning and replacement.
With all pressure management seat cushions, we recommend a fabric with four way stretch properties to aid the reduction of shear and friction.
If you would like to find out about what seat cushions are available on other healthcare chairs from the Repose range please see the comparison chart below.


For those who have good posture and mobility but are seated for greater than one hour at a time and require pressure relief and supported comfort. This cushion has a high-density foam base which offers a supportive and firm seat base with a top layer of memory foam to allow immersion into the cushion, giving stability and a large surface area to reduce pressure levels.


For those who have good posture and mobility but sit for long periods of time and require pressure relief and supported comfort. Recommended for people with limited muscle bulk or at risk of excessive weight loss. This cushion has a high-density foam which offers a supportive and firm seat base. The foam is topped with a fluid liquid gel in a soft silicone cover which provides a high level of pressure relief. The liquid gel helps to dissipate heat and constantly adapts to the user’s movement.


For those sitting for long periods with specific comfort issues such as a high risk of pressure sores. Gelacell has a unique cell matrix that distributes pressure across the contact area, as it contours and yields in response to weight redistribution. Gelacell absorbs body heat, reducing the risk of creating an environment that could increase pressure risks, the grid design also encourages air circulation. Gelacell is clinically tested and passes all dermatological tests for skin contact.

Maximum weight of user 127 kg (20 stone)

Celliform Seat Cushion


For those sitting for long periods with specific comfort issues such as a high risk of pressure sores. This cushion uses the latest medical grade silicone gel technology allowing pressure to be evenly distributed. The gel conforms to the shape of the body and equalises to body temperature. The gel cells allow air to flow easily and Coolform is totally odourless and hypoallergenic.

Coolform Seat Cushion


For those at very high risk of developing pressure sores or a history of sores where the highest priority is to prevent further pressure damage. The Dynaform cushion is a dynamic alternating air cushion, which constantly changes the air levels within its air cells to recreate the effect of normal body movements, which provides constant pressure redistribution to prevent pressure build up.

Minimum weight of user 40 kg (6 stone 4lbs)
Maximum weight of user 121 kg (19 stone)

Fabric Options

Haven Steel Outer

Dartex Grey VP

Overall Weight Limits

The Multi C-air has a weight limit of 127 Kg (20 stone) as standard on the small model. On the medium and large models the maximum user weight is up to 159 Kg (25 stone). The maximum leg rest weight limit is 57 Kg (9 stone) on all models.

Seat Cushion Weight Limits

Certain pressure management seat cushion options have their own overall weight limits, including the Airform, Celliform and Dynaform, details of which can be found in the Seat Cushion Section. The maximum leg rest weight limit is unaffected by the seat cushion.

Important Dimensions

Seat Height457mm (18″)
Seat Width508mm (20″)
Seat Depth508mm (20″)
Seat Height
Fitting 50mm Leg adjusters
508mm (20″)
Seat Depth
Fitting 50mm Seat Depth Pad
457mm (18″)
Standard Back Height: 

711mm / 737mm (28″ / 29″) 

Standard Arm Height:

178mm (7″)

Please note that:

  • Depending on the seat cushion built into the chair the seat height may vary slightly from the shown above. Due to the pressure care components used for each cushion, this will compress under the weight distribution of the user
  • If you choose the heavy-duty castors the seat height* will be increased by 25.4mm (1″)

Dual Tilt In Space

Below is a summary of our Standard two-year warranty terms and conditions.

There is also the option to upgrade to a five-year comprehensive care plan, this is for non-commercial users only, please call our office on 023 9230 06556.

Standard Two-Year Warranty

Two years on mechanisms and frame.

One year on air seat cushions and also on some additional accessories such as the Accupak, 20 Cycle Back up and Relaxor heat and massage systems, upholstery and electrics.

Advanced Seating Solutions Ltd will repair or replace, at our discretion and free of charge to the original purchaser, any parts covered by this warranty and that on examination, are found to be defective in material and/or workmanship. The warranty is for parts and labour only. The product or parts requiring repair/replacement must be returned to Advanced Seating Solutions Ltd by you and you will be responsible for the costs of packaging, postage and any postal insurance.

Any products returned to Advanced Seating Solutions Ltd must be disinfected and should pose no health hazard.