OT200 Ceiling Hoist System

OT200 Ceiling Hoist System

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The award winning OT200 Compact Ceiling Hoist is the smallest professional-use patient hoist on the market.

With a unique gravity powered system to recharge whenever in use, the OT200 can substantially save service costs and can remain charged for more than 150 lifts.Also featuring an emergency lowering function which does not require tools, the award winning OT200 is a cost effective, flexible solution that can be installed in virtually any setting.


OT200 Ceiling Hoist

The OT200 Ceiling Hoist is a unique gravity charging patient hoist designed to support and transfer the user with minimal impact and risk of injury for the carer.

The Ceiling Hoist is available with a number of options and has a wide range of track and accessories to allow installation in the majority of settings.

Designed to offer a modern and attractive option for hoisting the OT200 is the smallest fixed ceiling hoist on the market, giving a subtle and non-obtrusive installation. The OT200 ceiling hoist has been widely used as the preferred method for transfer in multiple rooms such as bedrooms, assisted bathrooms, pools and living areas.

The dynamo gravity powered charging feature provides substantially more charge than a normal charging unit. This allows the OT200 to support well over 150 lifts before needing to be returned to charge, providing carers and users with reliable and dependable equipment.

Compatible with a wide range of sling types, the OT200 Ceiling Hoist is ideal for both adult or pediatric use. It can be installed to the ceiling, wall or on a free-standing gantry and is used in Hospitals, Nursing Homes, Hospices, Schools, Changing Places and the Domestic Environment to save time, reduce risk of injury, create space and improve comfort.

Advanced Seating Solutions offer a full design consultancy, technical assistance and installation service to all of our customers.


  • Smallest professional use hoist on the market
  • Gravity powered charging
  • No tools emergency lowering
  • Range of spreader bars for assured sling compatibility
  • Low cost of ownership
  • No lights at night
  • Enhanced longevity of lifting tape

OT200 ceiling hoist system dimensions

OT200 ceiling hoist sysem dimensions