Universal microPillows – M068

Universal microPillows – M068

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  • Comfort and therapeutic support.
  • Chiropractor endorsed. Naturally hypoallergenic and bacteriostatic.
  • Filled with millions of ultra-light Polystyrene beads.
  • Does not compact or lose shape.
  • Adjusts to comfortable body temperature.
  • Reduces pressure lesions by 67%.
  • Fully machine washable and dryable.


The is a truly amazing pillow, unique in materials, design, and function. The pillow fill is a blend of micro-beads and shortcut microfiber our exclusive mixture is called Duplex and creates an almost liquid feel with the true support so important to your neck; creating the firmness you need in a sleep pillow without sacrificing the fluidity of a traditional micro-bead pillow.

Its closed-cell micro-beads and microfibers make this pillow suitable for allergy sufferers and chronic snorers.